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Services Price List

I provide a range of chimney sweeping services and stove repair and maintenance.

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweep – Lined Stove

Including smoke evacuation check and issue of a certificate.

  • 1 standard sweep from £65

Chimney Sweep – Unlined Stove with sweeping hatches

  • 1 standard sweep from £90

Chimney Sweep – Biomass Boilers

  • From £125
Chimney sweeping services from Chimney Sweeps North East in Newcastle upon Tyne

Bird's Nest Removal

Removing a bird’s nest is a pretty messy and time-consuming job to clear. It can take a lot more than just your normal sweep.

Including chimney sweep, CCTV inspection, smoke evacuation check and issue of certificate. From £100 (first hour)

If extra time is required £30 per every extra half hour.

Please note
Live bird’s nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and cannot be removed.

It’s a great idea to avoid the risk of bird’s nesting in your chimney by fitting a cowl specific for the job. We’d be happy to provide advice and although we can’t fit cowls we can recommend a roofer who can fit this for you. Please ask us for details when you contact us.

Basic CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection, including sweep, smoke evacuation check and issue of certificate £100

Please note this is NOT classed as a full Chimney Survey

Full Internal CCTV Inspection

A chimney CCTV inspection is a more in-depth inspection using a colour pan and tilt camera to provide a view of the inside of the chimney.  CCTV inspections from £250 per chimney including a video recording provided online, and report if required.

Please note this is NOT classed as a full Chimney Survey

Chimney Sweeps North East provide CCTV Inspections

Look after your stove and it will give you many year’s of service.

I specialise in the repair and servicing of many makes and models of stoves. I hold many spare parts and the correct rope seals to make sure your stove service is carried out correctly.

Add on’s whilst attending – Price per chimney/appliance:

Repair of flue seal £10

Replacement stove door rope seal from £35 (single door) from £45 (double door)

Supply and fitting of stove flue debris collar from £25 (5,6 and 7 inch collars available)

How to repair a stove
Before: Stove looks very sad and in bad need of repair
Stove with new firebricks, grate etc by Chimney Sweeps North East
After: Stove repaired complete with new fire bricks and stove black.

Full Stove Service

We can bring your multi-fuel stove back to life. 

  • Replacement Stove Door Rope Seal Set
  • Fire cement – Flue connection re-seal
  • Full clean down inside and out
  • Stove re-black (only available on black stoves)
  • Quotation for any replacement parts that are required.
From £140

Return visit to fit replacement parts between £35 – £60 dependent on what work is required to fit parts and also the distance.



Debris Colllar fitted to stove flue
Chimney Sweeps birds nest removal
Bird's Nest Removal
Clearview Vision 500 Stove Repair with new Fire Bricks
New firebricks fitted to Clearview 500
Stovax stove repaired